Alan Chadwick and Joseline Stauffacher in Santa Cruz

Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

Alan Chadwick Lectures at the Urban Gardening Symposium


Alan Chadwick at the Urban Gardening Symposium





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Lecture 1, Given on April 18, 1975 at San Jose City College or West Valley College


Everything is Governed by an Invisible Law


Lecture 2, Given on Nov. 13, 1974, at San Jose City College or West Valley College


The Vision of Biodynamics



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Lecture 2, Part 1

Excerpts from Lindsey Robb and Robert Graves. Horticulture and agriculture are one and the same. Horticulture is the only art which is not artificial. Reverence and obediance are the important elements of Biodynamics. Man can create or he can destroy. He must respect the great laws of creation. The ancient origins of the horticultural art in China, Greece, Italy and France. The gardener's attitude of approach is all important in the results that will be achieved. One cannot have money as the basis of his horticultural work. If the attitude of approach is correct, then a cornucopia will be unleashed. Relationship and dis-relationship creates the balance within nature. Spiritual vision as well as food is the produce of the garden. Herbs exist for every ailment. Willow as the source for aspirin, tansey, and digitalis. Tansey surpresses hunger. All livings things contribute to nature's balance, and they deserve a place in the world. Soil is very delicate and must be respected. Biodynamics is not negative, but rather positive invoking reverence and obediance to the laws of nature. The importance of the garden in the field of education of children because it contributes to the development of individuality. Food should be spiritual as well as physical. It should be grown locally, not shipped hundreds of miles across the country. All gardens carry the possibility of pointing toward eternity, especially through the technique of the clairvoyer. A call to the members present to join together in creating a wave for the future. (18:52)


Lecture 2, Part 2

Questions posed to Alan Chadwick:Alan Chadwick at the Urban Gardening Symposium


"Do you plant seeds by the moon?"

"I always plant potatoes on Good Friday, does that have anything to do with the moon?"

"Is there a book which spells all this out [the techniques of biodynamics]?"

"How do you do keep deer and gophers out of the garden?"

"What do you do to control snails?"

"Is there any harm in using horse manure in the garden?"

"What is the white powder that we saw in the film that was shown?"

"Is the procedure of planting by the moon highly complex?"



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