Alan Chadwick a Gardener of Souls

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Narcissus Poeticus (photo 2005 by g haynes)








How to Contribute to this Project



I have photos, documents, or letters to share.

If you have access to a scanner, set it to 300 dpi and scan the document. Then send us the file by email. Please provide as much information as possible about the material, including dates, locations, photographer, and any other contextual data. Alternatively, photograph the document with a digital camera and send us the file.


I can contribute dates and locations of Alan's activities that do not yet appear in the chronology.

Send us an email containing all the information you have, how you know it, and how it relates to Alan. If you notice something in the chronology that you believe is incorrect, please let us know.


I want to contribute photos or a video of gardening techniques based upon the indications of Alan Chadwick.

If you have photos and text, email them. If you have a video in mind, make your video and then post it on one of the video hosting sites (vimeo or youtube) and send us the link. Make sure we know who you are and the nature of your relationship to Alan. Any aspect of what you learned from Alan is fair game, including cultivation techniques, propagation, transplanting, maintenance, harvesting, cooking, or whatever... Be creative!


I can contribute information about myslef and my experiences with Alan Chadwick.

Please consider participating in our apprentice directory. If your memories are extensive, email us about inclusion in the "personal memories" page.


I want to make a financial donation toward the support of this website.

Send an email describing what you have in mind, and we will send you instructions on how to make a donation. It goes without saying that any such gifts are greatly appreciated, as websites are expensive to mantain.


I have a suggestion about how to improve this website.

Let us know by email; we gladly accept all suggestions.


General guidelines and requirements on submitting material.

By submitting material to us, you agree to the following:



Apple Blossoms in the Orchard


Apple Blossoms in the orchard.




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